KindleBerry Pi
I am happy to announce that this article got publish in Hacker montly We left our little studio in the Kootenays last July to travel throughout Europe, traveling to discover about new media, spiritual centers, art, design and open source initiative. I decided to go really minimal on the computer gear stuff, so I only packed my […] Read more – ‘KindleBerry Pi’.
teenage engineering’s op-1: a paradigm shift in portable music making
Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 2 years, you’ve most likely heard of the of the OP-1 (that is, if you follow new audio device and synth development). Teenage Engineering has been working for many years on this polished product (to the point that people would almost tag the item with […] Read more – ‘teenage engineering’s op-1: a paradigm shift in portable music making’.
kindle 3 tricks & hacks
The Kindle e-Reader is quite the device and in my first review, I brought some ideas on how to maximize its usage. The open source Calibre software and Dropbox library are still some of the best features to keep all of your book library in sync on many computers (and on any platform). In short, […] Read more – ‘kindle 3 tricks & hacks’.
d.i.y. soft synth with midi controller in processing
Following up on last week’s post about mO, we’ll take it a notch further today by adding a MIDI controller to our code. You will need: MIDI controller that works with your computer Processing on mac, windows or linux. your sound setup with processing the midiBus library Beads audio library controlP5 library The beauty of […] Read more – ‘d.i.y. soft synth with midi controller in processing’.
programing audio ~ d.i.y. simple soft synth
Learning electronic music has been a more complex task than initially planned. I’ve been playing around with few toys like Nord Micro Modular, microKORG, KP3, TENORI-ON and Dark Energy. Although my main synth is a virtual modular synth, there were still the basics of sound that I couldn’t grasp. So I started to learn to […] Read more – ‘programing audio ~ d.i.y. simple soft synth’.
why is minecraft so darn addictive?
In short, Minecraft is pointless. You live in this generative reality (all worlds are generated randomly with some sort of algorithm). You gather wood, soil, rocks and gravel. And you do what you want, just making sure to have a shelter at night so as not to get killed by monsters. You can’t really win […] Read more – ‘why is minecraft so darn addictive?’.
mad scientist noise synth
I really like visual computer audio creation tools, and I’ve started playing around with Processing, controlP5 and Beads in order to prototype some sort of digital instrument. This little instrument is called plo (for no reason) and it’s a softh synth with 1 sine osc and a sampler. All the knobs are not functional ~ […] Read more – ‘mad scientist noise synth’.
3D tripping
I finally took some time to test my new hardware setup. I got myself a quad core 3 GHz, 4G of RAM, with a ZOTAC NVIDIA GPU in order to do more 3D and multimedia. And last night I was able to play around ~ trying out Processing and OpenGL, creating some random code and […] Read more – ‘3D tripping’.
new year – with fluxus and mixxx
This was a great New Year! There was a local event for New Year’s Eve near where I live and the whole community was there. It was quite inspiring to see everyone party together. For my part, I decided to present one of the projects I have been working on: a Fluxus projection while I […] Read more – ‘new year – with fluxus and mixxx’.
kindle 3 review
I am quite in love with my new kindle 3. It’s a well design device, with good battery life and the management of the files can be quite seamless. BAD SIDE Lets start by the bad side. Why is it that any big company makes their own proprietary usb cord? Don’t they know yet that it’s […] Read more – ‘kindle 3 review’.
New season !
I call it a new season because during the fall/winter/early spring, since the quietness of the outside makes it a perfect time for multimedia creation.Now that I am back from my yoga retreat for the summer I’ll be catching up with all the project that keep going forward! I took 2 month of time this […] Read more – ‘New season !’.
k-12 presentation
I know it’s been a month now that I haven’t blog! Too much is happening here – from wordpress moving to version 3, to my come back to school (in information technology) to all my project moving forward, and summer kicking in ~ there wasn’t much time left. I also prepared a introduction to processing […] Read more – ‘k-12 presentation’.
video and processing
I haven’t received my new video camera yet so I will have to delay the post about my audio mixer ~ so I decided to post some example of other project I am tinkering with. This is a small video project that I did in processing. This is only the output of the project. I […] Read more – ‘video and processing’.
2nd step DIY audio mixer processing & arduino
I created my first prototype of the mixer. It’s more an experiment than a prototype from the fact that I only attached 6 knob to the arduino to start with. Here are some picture of the making of the mixer. I used a normal plastic project box to do the trick, to give it some […] Read more – ‘2nd step DIY audio mixer processing & arduino’.
processing ~ new spaceship game!
This is my new processing self teaching project. In this project I wanted to built a mouse control spaceship that would shoot and crash if it reaches the celling or the floor. It’s not object oriented at all and the code is quite messy ~ and I won’t clean it up until I reuse to […] Read more – ‘processing ~ new spaceship game!’.
diy audio mixer prototyping with arduino and processing
So here is my first step into my plan to make my own mixer. The idea is in the next few months I want to built a complete USB mixer (I say months not to get anyone hopes to high 😉 )t . This mixer will be used to play with mixxx, which by the […] Read more – ‘diy audio mixer prototyping with arduino and processing’.
arduino & laser
This is a real beginner post – if you never played with arduino and laser you might find it fun, but it’s at the ‘hello world’ stage of arduino programing. So I got myself some laser! I had a nice kaleidoscope green laser but I wanted to temper with it and ended up breaking it… […] Read more – ‘arduino & laser’.
fish pond
EDIT: Just so people are aware I am using the excellent book Learning processing written by Daniel Shiffman, which I forgot to mention since this article is part of a series of article about my self taught Processing training. END OF EDIT ~ This is my second project for processing fish pond. It’s not a […] Read more – ‘fish pond’.
thinkering with arduino ~ lcd monitor and some knob
So I’ve been playing with an arduino lately – with the help of pure dyne to connect to it. The arduino is a toy for hacker – for hardware hacker or electronic enthusiast. I got it on ebay with an lcd screen with it and since I am starting to built a midi mixer (with […] Read more – ‘thinkering with arduino ~ lcd monitor and some knob’.
BLOOD – my first processing game (kind of)
So continuing my quest to learn processing. It’s a beautiful language really simple and well structured. I think it’s a really great way to learn programming at large. This is my first ‘game’, or an interactive program that has a goal, a score and where difficulty increase the higher the score get. Now bare with […] Read more – ‘BLOOD – my first processing game (kind of)’.
arduino + puredyne + netbook = fun
So I received my first arduino board, right after I successfully installed puredyne on my eeepc. Puredyne is a wonderful system optimized for multimedia creation and computer art. It’s filled with all the linux tools to play music, program, edit images, video, audio. Loaded with pure data, super collider, processing and arduino to name a […] Read more – ‘arduino + puredyne + netbook = fun’.
learning processing …
So I embark a new programming language. Processing . It’s a fairly simple language, and I am using Daniel Shifman’s really good bookLearning Processing. It remind me when I was learning basic on my Vic0-20 when I was 8 years old. It’s really really really fun and since I always have been a half assed […] Read more – ‘learning processing …’.
client blogue pour le mac
aprĂšs avoir downloader tout les clients blogue que je pouvais, juste ecto semble ĂȘtre potable sans ĂȘtre rien de top impressionant… on verra bien si ce post est ok… Read more – ‘client blogue pour le mac’.
There is not much to learn for doing web design: Menu Layout Forms Then you learn few content management, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, andshopping cart, and learn how to customize them. I am still learning all that and in the last week I built a form that is sent to my client. Form has few step. […] Read more – ‘Form’.