open source graphic design
How to work as a Graphic Designer without sleeping with Adobe I am just now completing a certificate in graphic design at the online school Sessions.edu, and although I have come to like the Adobe Creative suite tool (and mainly inDesign), I would rather be relying only on open source tools. Why? Well, there are […] Read more – ‘open source graphic design’.
teenage engineering’s op-1: a paradigm shift in portable music making
Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 2 years, you’ve most likely heard of the of the OP-1 (that is, if you follow new audio device and synth development). Teenage Engineering has been working for many years on this polished product (to the point that people would almost tag the item with […] Read more – ‘teenage engineering’s op-1: a paradigm shift in portable music making’.
d.i.y. soft synth with midi controller in processing
Following up on last week’s post about mO, we’ll take it a notch further today by adding a MIDI controller to our code. You will need: MIDI controller that works with your computer Processing on mac, windows or linux. your sound setup with processing the midiBus library Beads audio library controlP5 library The beauty of […] Read more – ‘d.i.y. soft synth with midi controller in processing’.
programing audio ~ d.i.y. simple soft synth
Learning electronic music has been a more complex task than initially planned. I’ve been playing around with few toys like Nord Micro Modular, microKORG, KP3, TENORI-ON and Dark Energy. Although my main synth is a virtual modular synth, there were still the basics of sound that I couldn’t grasp. So I started to learn to […] Read more – ‘programing audio ~ d.i.y. simple soft synth’.
why is minecraft so darn addictive?
In short, Minecraft is pointless. You live in this generative reality (all worlds are generated randomly with some sort of algorithm). You gather wood, soil, rocks and gravel. And you do what you want, just making sure to have a shelter at night so as not to get killed by monsters. You can’t really win […] Read more – ‘why is minecraft so darn addictive?’.
yoga and creativity
This is a repost from lightwaves since I would like to continue writing about my creative process, and lightwaves is not getting published anymore. Creativity has taken center stage in my life during the last 2 years. What brought about that change is in part a conscious decision, sprouting from my own commitment to stay […] Read more – ‘yoga and creativity’.
mad scientist noise synth
I really like visual computer audio creation tools, and I’ve started playing around with Processing, controlP5 and Beads in order to prototype some sort of digital instrument. This little instrument is called plo (for no reason) and it’s a softh synth with 1 sine osc and a sampler. All the knobs are not functional ~ […] Read more – ‘mad scientist noise synth’.
Finally after 2 years of talk and desires and excitement the OP-1 has been shipped to me. I even signed up for the beta tester about a year ago but never touched the device itself! It’s getting more and more exciting now that they even send the OP-1 Manual 064b, which I have posted here […] Read more – ‘op-1’.
3D tripping
I finally took some time to test my new hardware setup. I got myself a quad core 3 GHz, 4G of RAM, with a ZOTAC NVIDIA GPU in order to do more 3D and multimedia. And last night I was able to play around ~ trying out Processing and OpenGL, creating some random code and […] Read more – ‘3D tripping’.
new year – with fluxus and mixxx
This was a great New Year! There was a local event for New Year’s Eve near where I live and the whole community was there. It was quite inspiring to see everyone party together. For my part, I decided to present one of the projects I have been working on: a Fluxus projection while I […] Read more – ‘new year – with fluxus and mixxx’.
3rd post mixer DYI ~ doepfer usb64
I am getting really close to a working mixer! The hardware is ready I simply need to build a project box in order to host the project. As you know from previous posts, I built a prototype of the mixer with and Arduino Board ~ connecting to processing, hosted on a puredyne machine. This was […] Read more – ‘3rd post mixer DYI ~ doepfer usb64’.
processing ~ new spaceship game!
This is my new processing self teaching project. In this project I wanted to built a mouse control spaceship that would shoot and crash if it reaches the celling or the floor. It’s not object oriented at all and the code is quite messy ~ and I won’t clean it up until I reuse to […] Read more – ‘processing ~ new spaceship game!’.
fish pond
EDIT: Just so people are aware I am using the excellent book Learning processing written by Daniel Shiffman, which I forgot to mention since this article is part of a series of article about my self taught Processing training. END OF EDIT ~ This is my second project for processing fish pond. It’s not a […] Read more – ‘fish pond’.
BLOOD – my first processing game (kind of)
So continuing my quest to learn processing. It’s a beautiful language really simple and well structured. I think it’s a really great way to learn programming at large. This is my first ‘game’, or an interactive program that has a goal, a score and where difficulty increase the higher the score get. Now bare with […] Read more – ‘BLOOD – my first processing game (kind of)’.
what is more fun than one ef-101? two ef-101 !!!
So – I get to electro faustus site – way kool device, electronic analogue dual oscillator, made in new york. Pretty sweet deal to make noise! And for the price no problem. I get a ef-101, get it ship to canada – get the device really quickly ~ super excited to play with it. I […] Read more – ‘what is more fun than one ef-101? two ef-101 !!!’.
learning processing …
So I embark a new programming language. Processing . It’s a fairly simple language, and I am using Daniel Shifman’s really good bookLearning Processing. It remind me when I was learning basic on my Vic0-20 when I was 8 years old. It’s really really really fun and since I always have been a half assed […] Read more – ‘learning processing …’.
Shin Megami, devil survivor
Nice new game from altus. It has quite the same feeling as the world ends with you but with a nice twist. It’s the first game I play from the Shin Megami Tensei series. After few weeks of casual play it’s still enjoyable, so I can place it in my best of 2009 😉 Interesting […] Read more – ‘Shin Megami, devil survivor’.
Ha ces petit blob sympa, locoroco est un des meilleurs jeux qui existe ! Voici la chanson thème qui me reste dans la tête toute la journée maintenant ! 02-locorocos-song-locoroco-yellow-version Et un petit film you tube: [kml_flashembed movie=”http://www.youtube.com/v/UfDr9eD7wKY” width=”425″ height=”344″ allowfullscreen=”true” fvars=”fs=1″ /] Read more – ‘locoRoco’.
8bit power
Some movie and pic from the 8bit party in montreal a few weeks ago!   (more to come)   movie movie Read more – ‘8bit power’.