Geoffroy Tremblay

It’s really interesting to be a web design and a yoga teacher. This pair of seemingly opposite role is actually quite helpful and creative. For example my love for the open source world is directly related to my desire to understand my self and other’s inner working on a different level. Yoga and meditation are similar to looking at our inner ‘codes’ and changing it to better suit our goals. Somehow hacking ourselves to contribute to the human evolution. I can do it for myself and I can also help others doing the same. This yogic community is also similar to the open source community, where we try to all work toward similar goal.

It’s also important to note that the practice of yoga and mediation help me gather more ‘energy’ or potential, that I use as a creative output. So more yoga = more creativity = more design, writing and illustration. Work also becomes yoga, and yoga become the work I do.

For web design I now only work with open source tools. It feels like the web is now more open than ever, with html5 and css3 and the plethora of JavaScript framework and library. I’ve been quite inspired by Paul Irish talk on Tooling & the Webapp Development Stack, which got me to expand and understand better my workflow and the stack of tools available in Linux for web /development.

Creativity is not only an outcome, but it’s also a goal for me to live a creative life. Although my ‘career’ has been quite technical, creativity is gaining more and more importance. From illustration to electronic music and computer art, I believe that creativity in all it’s aspect is instrumental to my well-being and evolution.

Melina Cinq Mars

Being happy is more important than pleasing other, this is something that became very clear few years ago. That,s allow me to offer the joy back to people around me by sharing my passion. Practising yoga on a regular basis allow me to feel good with in my mind and body and offer yoga class to other feel like a great gift. When I prepare yoga workshop, I am always really motivated to learn more about the subject and I also always learn so much about myself. I always teach from my experience. Thai yoga massage is another activity that I enjoy as much to received then to offer. It bring a feeling of lightness and at the same time of being really grounded. One of my other passion in photography. There is so much beauty in everything. I think great composition can be found everywhere. And finally and not the less I enjoy travelling and move lightly. Ebook are awesome to travel lightly with all my reference, and favourite book, so I learn to convert publishing format book to ebook. There is now the main collection of the Timeless Book publisher available on Kindle.

Since 2012 I have been travelling with my family and offer yoga courses, workshop and Thai massage in British Colombia and Montreal in Canada as well as France, Berlin and Barcelona. I also was able to capture an amazing variety of landscape and portrait and keep up with the new publication of my favourite publisher but getting their book available to all e reader around the world.