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Loves green tea, meditation and noise



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I am happy to announce that this article got publish in Hacker montly We left our little studio in the Kootenays last July to travel throughout Europe, traveling to discover about new media,…
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open source graphic design

How to work as a Graphic Designer without sleeping with Adobe I am just now completing a certificate in graphic design at the online school, and although I have come to like the Adobe Cre…
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January 17, 2008


I meditate every day. At my 29th birthday, I stayed silent for the day, and decided to chant every morning and every night, for one year. It’s the first time I take such a commitment. It’s been a bit more than 6 months now.Last week, I meditated for a longer period.

I came to a very familiar place, a place of fear. It’s a very interesting fear that I encounter when I chant for a long time. There is no reason behind that fear, there is no object. There is a weird image forming in my mind, and there is a feeling of a presence, observing me, or simply being there with me. This time, it really felt like ghostly presence. Long face, whitish suffering.  It’s the first time I came to that point here in montreal in my new apartment.  I kind of like that place of fear, but I am also wondering if there is more to it. For me the fear is a simple reaction of my ego not wanting me to deepen my practice, but there is also an understanding that maybe something else is opening.

Are these fear real entity that I can feel once I am in a deeper meditation state? I don’t know, but it motivate me to meditate more and experiment with all that.